Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Lack of training to deal with new technologies … – Courrier Laval

“Should we be afraid? How can we have maximum visibility with the least possible loss of time? How to maximize our visibility, promoting our activities, recruit members and volunteers? Let us also by the good information or do we learn to do otherwise networks? These are questions that organizations should ask themselves, “says the executive director of the Regional Steering Committee on Seniors Laval (TRCAL), Corinne Favier.

Three speakers

After A round table for the skills of organizations with information technology, three speakers wanted to enlighten them.

Veronique Coulombe and Antoine Bartier, the House of Mercier-Est families spoke of modernization in the intervention, while Adler Louis-Jean, the Société de transport de Laval (STL) explained what the technology for event promotion.

For his part, André Drouin, Information Network of Quebec seniors (RIAQ), made a presentation on IT services in the comfort of home.

“We found that older adults have a lack of training. One speaker said, “it’s like an appetizing dish and you could see that we would like to reproduce it, but we do not know to cook We are determined to use these new technologies, but must be accompanied. “” says Favier.

Communication difficult

In February, the participants of the first meeting of Regional Policy Dialogue revealed that volunteer recruitment, promotion services and communication with citizens and other agencies were difficult.

At the end of the meeting it emerged that it is important for players to know and work with the Action Plan MADA (Age Friendly City).

The City of Laval with its partners has also organized a symposium MADA October 1, the Maison des arts de Laval, to promote service to the community more effectively.

Furthermore, the City has, since February, recognition Friendly Municipality Seniors (MADA) of the Ministry of the Family. And it is among the 750 other Quebec municipalities involved in this process.

This Regional Consultation is the result of a collaboration between the Regional Steering Committee on Seniors Laval (TRCAL) and community organization Centre for Health and Social Services (CSSS) de Laval and Laval SUPPORT.


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