Thursday, October 9, 2014

Youth addicted to new technologies – Charlesbourg Express

This year’s Cyber-Help Center will visit dozens of primary and secondary schools – including five in Charlesbourg: Paths, The Summit, Guillaume Mathieu, L’Escale and Le Plateau. Students at the end of the primary will be especially aware of Internet addiction and cyberbullying, while teenagers will address the problem of child pornography facilitated by new technologies.

Interactive workshops prevention adopt in passing the formula group intervention, often without the knowledge of the group itself. Informed by the professor of the identity of a student bully, for example, Cathy Tetreault the situation will become aware of his lack of social skills – the source it claims reflex intimidation. “I make them live full of emotions,” admits one that will not put white gloves. Because of the magnitude of the phenomena of Internet addiction and cyber crime, it is not the time to put our heads in the sand, she judge.

poor adults

poor parents before the crisis of their child that they removed access to the Internet or your iPod. Schools struggling with cases of adolescents who share intimate photos sent to them privately their girlfriends. Professors lack the tools to intervene with hotheads. These cries for help have now become commonplace while three years ago, when getting the Cyber-Help Center at Limoilou, “people do not want to talk about it,” recalls Cathy Tetreault.

“Do you know that you can register via webcam without telling you?” – Cathy Tetreault

It took the support of organizations such as the Caisse Desjardins de Charlesbourg, the Patro de Charlesbourg Charlesbourg and versatile, she lists thankfully, to start awareness programs , get into the schools and meet the needs of customers who say relieved to be better equipped to address issues related to new technologies. Especially at a time when the tablet bought for the school is returned every night at home.

For those who have worked in center closed therapy with substance abusers and addicts to gambling and money, the key to any addiction is in preventing young.

Does your child throws a tantrum when you deny him access to the Internet

– Avoid transform the Internet into a means of punishment; rather aim to regulate its use

– Suggest alternative activities interesting

– Set a time to use

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