Monday, October 6, 2014

New Technologies: Microsoft holds firm to work with the … – Information Agency Central Africa

The company Microsoft has stated its willingness to assist the Congo to computerize all of its public administration and its education system. In this path, initiatives computer anti-piracy fight will also be launched. During the stay of the President, the framework agreement between Congo and Microsoft, which was signed six years ago has been revived. The framework agreement was intended, among other revitalize digital and digital economy.

“I’m here to listen and to get an idea and especially to get an idea of ​​the potential that the structures of information and technology can make to the country’s development. The main pillars for Microsoft have always been those of supporting small and medium enterprises and governments to modernize their infrastructure to be more productive and create more jobs. We have a high priority on the African continent in relation to the education of young people as well as for the government to support their legalization process of the computer system in the country, “ had said Yvonne Bettkober.

Upon arriving in Brazzaville, the president of Microsoft Africa-Indian Ocean region traded with officials of the Congo Telecom company, the director of the Computer Club system as well as a handful of journalists. The aim of the visit is very important because in fifty years a generation that does not have the mastery of new technologies of information and communication is doomed to “new form of illiteracy and violated its development “ in the words of a number of experts.

The company officials Congo Telecom, the director of the Computer Club system and journalists were also been built that business strategy of Microsoft, its Windows operating system present on most desktop computers. So an observer notes as the original mission of Microsoft of “a computer on every desk and in every home, running on Windows” is now almost done.

Microsoft also participates in other sectors, such as Cable TV American MSNBC, MSN web portal, computer peripherals (keyboards, mice), and home entertainment products like Xbox and Zune.


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