Saturday, October 4, 2014

The multimedia workshop introduces new technologies – West France

Three questions for …

Can you introduce yourself?

After a patent Professional Youth, Popular Education and Sport, technical specialty of information and communication, I joined Mondeville movie there about ten years. I run at Letellier center, multimedia center that offers workshops meet the problems most often encountered by users of IT tools. Our goal is to keep as close as possible to the new technology and no matter the level of the participant.

What types of training are teaching you?

There are five that orbit discovery or introduction to computers. The Windows 8 workshop allows beginners to learn to use computers in eight sessions. Monthly thematic workshops offer the opportunity to choose the card, you need not follow the whole course. In Inform’pratique workshop, you see all the little tricks that make life easier and allow IT to be autonomous. The Internet allows club, meanwhile, use their browser and search. And finally, the Itablette club to discover the iPad, Apple’s tablet computer. Free access to the digital space also allows for virtual tours of museums and monuments, to train at the traffic or even play online. Participation for Mondevillais ranges from 4-44 €.

How courses are held they?

We provide six computers with the Windows 8 system and Ipad 2 tablets. Upon request, we can provide headsets to watch videos or play online without disturbing others. We also have a graphics tablet. The various courses include thirty participants, from beginner to intermediate level. They last from 1 hour to 1 hour 30 My role is to adapt to these different levels. Specifically, I plan from an overhead projector and the various processes to do on the computer. All that is interactive and personalized.

Contact. Espace Pierre Letellier at 02 31 78 37 58 or


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