Thursday, October 23, 2014

Habitat: Seniors and new technologies – Senior News

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This is a fact. In the coming years, due to the combined effect of the aging population on one hand and the rise of new technologies (more efficient and miniaturized) on the other, housing and our lives will be increasingly connected …

In this context, the Senioriales are addressing this issue for the future, by publishing this week, the intermediate results on the place of technology in the home seniors. We learn, among other things, that three-quarters (74%) of respondents believe that home automation system improves daily basis. Moreover, the new trend bracelets connected has already convinced 57% of respondents who plan to use one to monitor their health indicators.

Finally, according to the first results of this survey, less than half (43%) indicated that the provision of these new technologies and services would be a criterion in choosing a senior residence ( with a particular interest in access to family planning animations, video conferencing and file sharing).

In general, be aware that new technologies are moving slowly in all areas of our daily lives. Both in the home (home automation, robotics) that care (telemedicine), the fight against the isolation of the elderly and support for carers (ICT platform and social exchange). It’s a real underlying trend that soon will experience especially seniors and youth, seniors of tomorrow.


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