Saturday, October 25, 2014

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New Technologies

On Saturday, October 25, 2014

The fire sensor with a battery Wi-Fi
Following up on the Internet of Things soon will be accessible Wi-Fi stack that connects your fire detector to your cell. This is a 9-volt battery to fire sensor that sends you a message on your mobile device when the alarm goes off. It works by using an application installed on their phone. Just enter the password for the Wi-Fi the battery plugs and voila. The manufacturer has the market next year. Details & gt; & gt;

The more real virtual reality
A young American company, Magic Leap announced that it received USD 542 million to an investor group led by Google . They say they want to improve virtual reality helmets (as Occlus Rift) to make the most realistic feel. The current reality helmets are composed of flat 2D screens, laid before our eyes. 3D is recreated in the brain. According to the patent, Magic Leap wants to recreate the same effect as in reality and allow our eye to have the illusion to focus on an object that is in front of him, in space, as he looks actually a flat screen. Details & gt; & gt;

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