Tuesday, October 14, 2014

How new technologies have changed our offices in the … – Le Vif

An animated video BestReviews.com – an online guide to products made by people who attended the Harvard Business School, Stanford University and has been active in Google – shows the evolution experienced by our offices on a period of over thirty years, thanks to some new annual technology.

In 1980, an ordinary office contained an old desktop computer, a printer, a fax, a Rolodex, a few books, a landline phone, a calculator, a notepad, a storage cabinet and other physical elements.

In 2014, all that remains in our office, it is a modern laptop and a smartphone packed with apps, able to replace all the equipment listed above – Excel serves as a calculator, Amazon stores books, LinkedIn makes unnecessary Rolodex, Dropbox replaces the cabinet, etc. What do you think

Office 1980:

How new technologies have changed & # XE9, our offices in over 30 years

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Office 2014:

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Watch the full video here.

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