Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Passengers like new technologies to assist them … – Aerials Pros

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Indeed, 77 6277% of passengers surveyed by SITA confided that they would be comfortable with mobile technologies used to facilitate their movement. If travelers so easily accept these new devices is that they are themselves followers of these gadgets. 97% of respondents travel with a smartphone, tablet or laptop. One in five travel with three devices in his luggage.

Travelers use mobile services

The study also found that 76% of respondents use the airline applications. 43% admit that they improve their journey. However, 53% of passengers want to be more personalized to their phone in case of delay alerts. 57% would like maps of airports and directions on their device while half of respondents want to use their smartphone to ship.

The app for easy travel

56% of respondents also claim connectivity allowing them to have access to in-flight entertainment system with their smartphone, tablet & amp; co. Almost the same proportion (54%) want to be able to send and receive emails and text messages or make calls during a flight. 45% of passengers would also use their phone or whatever to buy food and drinks or visit the duty-free catalog.

Travelers are still quite reluctant to share personal information to receive offers. However, if the goal is to improve their transit – for example to reduce the wait at the airport – 40% of them are willing to give their location. The rate rises to 72% if it allows for more personalized services.


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