Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Ceatec 2014: New Japanese technology honor – Clubic

All major Japanese electronics names were given appointment this week in Chiba, a suburb of Tokyo, at the Ceatec show. Clubic has once again made the trip to allow you to follow all the news.

historical earth hi-tech Japan is currently experiencing tumultuous times. Faced with unprecedented competition from its Asian neighbors, and the rise of some European or American actors, the archipelago seems to have lost its luster, as evidenced by our regular weekly column Live Japan. However, Japanese manufacturers are far from being surrendered. They even still dominate in many areas, even if they are not necessarily the most visible to the end user.

Every year in October, the sector makes an appointment at the Makuhari Messe Chiba, about thirty minutes by train from Tokyo, at the Ceatec (Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies) show. The event appears to be much different from most media lounges that are CES or IFA. Finished goods, televisions and smartphones in mind, there indeed are of a relative importance: here it comes rather discover the latest developments of leading names in industrial electronics, much less known to the general public But it is largely through the work of companies such as Kyocera, ALPS, TDK, Murata and Rohm were born modern smartphones, devices designed to connect the entire home, or the famous segment of wearable , which both riding high at the moment. Their work on semiconductors contribute to the development of new sensors, general miniaturization of electronic devices or the advent of new generation batteries.
Ceatec, so we learn more about the high-tech items that now make up our daily lives and we try to understand or imagine in which direction they will go tomorrow, affecting worlds as diverse as welfare, health, industry, commerce, entertainment and telecommunications. The promise is not easy to grasp, even for actors who often, as they are still looking forward to present their visitors. However, the exercise proved highly rewarding for those who follow and enjoy this area. Clubic therefore look forward to seeing you all week to monitor the Ceatec!


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