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7 scenes that prove that Hollywood does not understand … – Hitek –

In the series, there are clever tricks. Moreover, you will agree that the most inventive murders are invented on TV, even if the killer is ALWAYS nab (somewhat abused.) Except that some cop shows are in the uniqueness and introduce criminals internets, the cracks of computing: the hackers! Ouuuuh villains not beautiful geeks who do not jojo stuff behind their computers! When in fact most of the time it’s just guys who cheat on Call of Duty

7) NCIS:. Abby and McGee on the same keyboard

OK, say you’ve never touched a computer in your life (like my grandmother of 82 years). Eh bah even her, she would find that stupid scene because it has already used a fucking typewriter.

And the worst is that really believes that Gibbs turn off a computer disconnects the hacker’s server. In addition, the hacker could access the data without being seen. Bravo, Hollywood

6) Hackers (1995). The hack is like a video game

Taking already on the fact that this film looks really good rotten (much like in most movies with Angelina Jolie in the 90s). When we enter a stage hack, it takes us into something that looks vaguely like Tron , with buildings disgusting CGI.

It’s pretty poetic view of the hacking of a so , it is true. By cons, what is more strange is when we realize that this is what the hacker sees on his screen

Hey, what you have smoked there? Find a file in a system is not control a camera in Tron huh. It is because of movies like that as articles to con out, like “That’s why computer scientists are prone to epileptic seizures.” Well, after that, it would still be nice if this was how to navigate the file tree …

5) Masterminds (1997): the hack is actually a video game

All movies with Patrick Stewart are not necessarily good, evidenced by Masterminds . There you can hack being in a video game. All that has to do is sail in a castle, pass gates … And when the game notices that this is a hacker, it gives him 2 minutes to find a valid entry.

And besides, instead of disconnecting it or something like that, it just informs that it is stalking him.

The guy must literally shit on it.

If it was like that, I would hacker every day

4) Experts Manhattan. they track the IP with a useless thing

Gentlemen writers, please, in the future, do not use a computer terms generator when you try to explain. Thank you in advance.

A “GUI” is a graphical user interface. Basically, a basic thing we all on our computer , because they are the buttons and all the other stuff that you interact with. And they want to create a GUI (which already contains “interface” in the acronym, but it does not matter) to locate an IP. Congratulations, guys

3) Numb3rs. Of hackers encrypted speak on cats

IRC in English, that means Internet Relay Chat So. internet chat discussions. For Numb3rs , the hackers on IRC are like drug dealers doing their deals by boat. They hide to talk about their private stuff, in a cryptic language that nobody understands.

The police is worried when she has to take care of these hackers, as when they talk among themselves, no one understands never anything. Fortunately, one that explains his theory of boats can speak like them. kikoolol, one imagines

2) Manhattan Experts:. Chase in Second Life

Encore them … The police try to track down a guy on Second Life , believing that it was more active in the game. Unless they find it. One of them is a distraction while the other must “ping IP”. What is it that it could well serve as ping IP? On whether it is online! Then he began a conversation with the character (which is actually just the avatar of the killed victim). What is the impostor? It disconnects? It disables voice chat? No. He goes running, and thus begins the most epic chase from all those of Starsky and Hutch .

What’s better when you want to ignore someone in a game of taking off running

1) Life: gamers are morons magicians

It was actually found why the writers do not care about all the details: they feel that if you get hung up on it is that you are a loser. As in Life , when they try to seek IN XBOX file.

At first, they do a little investigation, and realize that” a game console is like a computer, is not it? “ So the only way to access a hidden file is to play Prince of Persia 2 at 10 (because all games have levels numbered as Super Mario Bros. ), and at some point the file should appear. Because all consoles are equipped with Windows, Office and the hacker has obviously the ability to rewrite the game code to enable this feature.

Morality? Maybe one day, video games and films will mock crime series. A bit like Battlefield Hardline , but also ridiculous.


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