Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Five series to think about new technologies – The World – The World

The new technologies have become the new heroes of the series, more and more likely to place them at the heart of their intrigue. Pixels has selected five watching to reflect on how they affect our society, for better and for worse

“Black Mirror”. Chills digital

Broadcast on the BBC since 2011, and for the first time in France in 2014 on France 4, “Black Mirror” is one of the most successful series and most worrying about new technologies. Each one-hour episode is different. They have no common scenario but a common thread: reflect on the impact of new technologies on our societies. “Black Mirror” wants to warn us of the dangers hiding behind our computer screens and often is just, never rush into a caricature technophobia. To date, two seasons each three episodes were broadcast, and a Christmas episode. What wait until the third season, still in production

“Halt & amp. Catch Fire “: IT pioneers

Produced by AMC – the chain that particular broadcast ‘The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad” – “Halt & amp; Catch Fire “tells the story of IT pioneers in the 1980′s war manufacturers of personal computers in the early online chat rooms, this drama tells of technology by women and men who make it . Their hopes and weaknesses are revealed in depth but at a slow pace … that will discourage many a spectator. The second season ends in less than a month, and the future of the series is still pending. Season 2 is currently airing on Canal + Series

“Mr Robot”. In the heart of hacker

“Mr Robot” is one of the surprises of the year . This drama tells the story of a young hacker paranoid engineer at a cybersecurity company. The hero is approached by a group of anarchists who propose to bring down a global conglomerate named E-Corp. Five episodes have aired, and the scenario ahead at a good pace while taking the time to develop the motivations of its characters. “Mr Robot” was also applauded for its pretty realistic transcription computer security and hacking, far from the clichés often portrayed by Hollywood

“Real Humans”. The robots Daily

“Real Humans” Sweden is once again demonstrated its talent in creating series. “Real Humans” depicts a world similar to ours, with one difference: the robots have invaded our daily lives. According to their function, they work in factories, care for children, elderly people and can also act as an ideal lover … What does not please everyone, so the sling against these “hubots” is organized . Broadcast on Arte since 2013, has two seasons, the series has the quality of originality to situate its action in a world similar to ours, not encased in a futuristic universe of strange gadgets. The simplicity of its scenery and its staging makes about realistic and reflection that results credible. Season 2 will replay from August 6 to 21 on Arte

“Silicon Valley”. Lightly sitcom

With more lightness, the US HBO broadcasts for two years now a caustic series on the start-up of the universe. “Silicon Valley”, as its name suggests, follows the journey of a young start-up that is trying to break into the Mecca of new technology. The sitcom is intended as a critique of the world of high-tech, its business leaders who claim all want to create “a better world” , its sexism and money who flows. With HBO striking power, “Silicon Valley” has the luxury of several renowned guests like Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel, in its own role. The humor sometimes falls flat with gravelly disconcerting jokes, but both seasons offer many funny moments just and on the culture of the “Silicon Valley”. Season 2 ended it A few weeks ago, but HBO has already renewed the series for a third set. In France, the season 2 will air from Saturday 1 st August at SCO, 20 h 40.


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