Friday, July 24, 2015

How Ikea tries to marry new technology with … –

The Swedish company released a design accessory that includes a pocket sewn to store your phone during a meal.

XXI th century, it has a certain obligation to “go digital” . But if you are, say, a company that sells furniture, the method to do may not be very clear right away. Ikea has tried, but so far, its efforts sounded a little too fake. And the new placemat of the Swedish company, which has a pocket sewn to place your phone during a meal, arranges nothing.

The placemats are part of a new limited edition table linens due out in September and called Sittning. There are bowls, dishes, wine glasses, pitchers, large spoons, you get the idea. And then there are these placemats. (The Huffington Post says they cost $ 2 a piece or 1.80 euros.)

The sets were rather loosely woven so that you can see when your phone lights up. This appears to be a small problem though, since you can not see what is on the screen, but you will still be distracted by light. I guess you can also put your phone screen against the table. Mashable, who noticed these sets, says they will be called “Disconnected” .

Wink functional eye

What makes worse with this package is that I already see people (including myself) currently use. If it is stashed, your phone will not be in your pocket and you do not end up with food on it. But to be clear, I can also imagine people not to use it. You may already have seen this happen all the time . It is doing very well leaving our phones in our bags or in our pockets or on surfaces that do not contain our meal.

If you need our placemats make winks aesthetic and functional look at our electronics, so we are perhaps too obsessed officially. I would not be surprised if a whole etiquette evolves around the use of these pouches, and that makes me sad.


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