Saturday, July 11, 2015

New technology soon will guide our shopping sprees – Le Figaro

hangers and smart mirrors, keys and virtual wallet … Connected objects invade shopping malls. They are increasingly preferred by French.

Shopping malls, future ultra connected temples? This is apparently what the French would like. A survey * conducted by Unibail-Rodamco, the giant of specialized commercial real estate in shopping centers of major cities, analyzing the behavior of French for shopping and identifies the trends of tomorrow. At each stage of shopping innovation. Nearly 65% ​​of customers would like to see the price, size or composition of the garment appear automatically on the hanger. Easier shopping.

A Japanese brand has developed intelligent hangers that display the characters & # XE9; Product tics A video & # XE9;. o pr & # XE9; presentation of v & # XEA; ment appears & # xed; t when the client d & # XE9; eighth hanger

A Japanese brand has developed intelligent hangers that display characteristics of the product. A video presentation of the garment appears when the customer picks up the hanger.

The majority of customers would like to have personalized advice from vendors. And more surprising – at a time when adoption of the law on intelligence has done so much controversy – almost half of the respondents would like to receive home products suggested by a service that analyzes personal data. The other issue, highly anticipated, that of saving time. The “serial shoppers” respondents are 62% to be favorable to the virtual fitting in stores. And for that, the brand Uniqlo has struck gold: the “magic mirror” is connected to a tablet and allows you to change the color of clothing worn without having to change it. In the same tone, more than half of French people think that virtual wallet will be democratized in the years to come (Paypal, contactless payment etc.). “Today, a virtual key can even have them delivered its purchases in the trunk of his car,” says Clementine Piaza, Marketing Director of Unibail-Rodamco. Called “volvo on call”, this key requested by 55% of respondents to open the car only during the time set with the buyer to load the trunk.

The magic mirror pens XE9 & #;. Uniqlo

The magic mirror designed by Uniqlo


The mall remains the privileged place of the French shopping, and over 70% of men will be accompanied, according to the study. “The era of individualistic and narcissistic consumer is now over because it is now looking through shopping, an experience in which he finds a common time commitment, membership in a groupede reference” analysis Stephane Hugon, Doctor of Sociology, researcher at the Center for Studies on the Current and Daily.

geolocation service to meet friends present in the center, trade facilities or coffee pictures designed to share expertise and advice in the image of DimensionAlley in Berlin, everything is designed to meet a ” need permanent connection. ” Two thirds of respondents dream of finally integrating more open spaces and greenery silence, but also live and lively spaces. In a sort of new city at the forefront of technology. Like the new center SuperPier in Manhattan, which will open this summer.

This complex of 240,000 m XE8 & #; & # tres carr XE9; s host of shops, restaurants, a climbing club, offices and green spaces.

This complex of 240,000 square meters will accommodate shops, restaurants, a climbing club, offices and green spaces.

* The 3rd edition of The Observatory Shopping Unibail-Rodamco was conducted among 2006 individuals constituting a representative sample of the French population aged 16 to 70 years. Data collection was conducted from March 16 to 23, 2015, via the Ipsos Online Access Panel, using the quota method (age, profession of the interviewee, region and size of town).


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