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Besides the BMW Active Tourer 2 eDrive, the brand to the propeller unveiled two prototypes operator a familiar BMW technology . fuel cells

BMW chose the days of the 2015 innovation to present two motorized prototypes with this technology, one based on a reworked BMW i8 at aerodynamics and the other on a BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo.

 BMW i8 Fuel Cell_10

No detail was available about the BMW i8 but it is assumed that it uses some of the same guts as the BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo. The latter is powered by an electric motor which draws its 245ch source of a fuel cell jointly developed with Toyota. One can imagine that she has a family relationship with that of the Mirai. There is also a high voltage battery for storage and feeding of other electronic components

 BMW S & # XE9; 5 Series GT Fuel Cell

BMW also states that this BMW 5 Series GT has an operating range of more than 500km and whose hydrogen refueling takes less than five minutes. The reservoir is located between the front and rear in the transmission tunnel. The Munich brand explains that the reservoir has a technology enabling low temperature storage for 350bars pressure.

 BMW S & # XE9; 5 Series GT Fuel Cell_12

Another point to note, BMW took the opportunity to unveil a prototype BMW 1 Series using direct water injection. Already interview on the M4 BMW Safety Car of MotoGP, this technology arrives on an engine turbocharged 3-cylinder gasoline.

 Prototype BMW S & # XE9; Series 1

The direct injection of water has a cooling effect on the engine for better performance (+ 10% power and torque) and better consumer fuel (-8%). This technology also allows better engine operation (higher compression ratio and less risk of knocking)

 Prototype BMW S & # XE9; rie 1_14 folder

BMW i8 Fuel Cell

BMW 5 Series GT Fuel Cell

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BMW 1 Series Prototype

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