Thursday, July 23, 2015

New technologies: No holiday for YouTubers … –

“My dream is to become a great YouTuber.” Nicolas Barilahy the tone on its YouTube channel. In real life, he is 17 and passes in 1 st pro tray Immaculate Conception, electrotechnical industry.

On the Web, it is Mr. Zababou . A funny nickname, found with the help of his father. In one year of existence, the chain has attracted nearly 23,000 subscribers.

Random encounters on the Internet. Our second YouTuber Laval is in the same high school as Nicolas. Nartax (Nathan Patry) passes terminally pro tray, electronic systems, “The IMMAC”. Its chain is less followed, but it is more recent than Mr. Zababou. “I created late last year because I was bored a little, Nartax explains. In six months, I gained 4300 subscribers.”

Find the Youtube channel of Mr. Zababou here and the Nartax there


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