Sunday, July 12, 2015

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An application to help battered women

The application Red Light was launched in Turkey by a Turkish operator Vodafone and advertising agency (Y & amp; R Turkey ). Designed for Turkish women victims of domestic violence, this application allows to report any facts of domestic violence shaking the phone three times. Three contacts are automatically notified of the situation via a written message. Designers have imagined exclusively for women communications strategy by promoting the application through the contents whose audience is mostly female.

“WhoDeleted me” on Facebook


No need to go around your friends list to identify THE person who dared to remove you from his account. Now it’s Facebook that does the work for you. Simply download the application “Whodeleted me” for the social network alerts you when a contact deletes you. Once downloaded, the application or extension scans your friends list and then identifies those who are more contained. Facebook will also allow you to identify those who have simply deactivated their account and left the network. “Whodeleted me” is not retroactively therefore impossible to know who deleted you before the installation of the application.

Samsung advance the release of Galaxy Note 5


According to several specialized media, the South Korean Samsung is ready to launch its Galaxy Note 5 in mid-August in order to avoid direct confrontation with Apple. The US giant, which has become accustomed to unveil its latest smartphone in mid-September this year should announce the marketing of the iPhone 6S reinforced by a major production. Samsung is losing momentum does not intend to get caught up in competition and keeps pressure shortly after the launch of Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, last April. Here’s what the future should look like Galaxy Note 5.


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