Monday, July 27, 2015

Dunkirk: new technologies at the service of home help – North

Since 2013, carers of Senior Services, the home help service CCAS de Dunkerque, are equipped with an application on their mobile phone that allows many innovations in response management and planning . The activity jumped service since 7% per year.

is beginning to have great recognition in our territory “, says Juliette VROLANT, the services responsible for Seniors, home help service the municipal center Social Action (CCAS) of Dunkirk. “ We are part of networks such as the local center of information and coordination (LINC), the House for the autonomy and integration of Alzheimer patients (MAIA) or Amavi (palliative care), which are all prescribers. “But that networking does not explain by itself a revenue growth of 7% a year.

In permanent liaison with the administrative team

Seniors service was launched in 2013 with funding from the General Council ( read figures below ) in the remote: each carer has a mobile phone with the application “Mobile and badge”, developed by Orange, which allows him to access his schedule, launch alert and be in constant contact with the administrative team.

The interventions are monitored in near real time (within 30 to 45 minutes) because the homes of all customers have been equipped with an NFC tag (near field communication, or near field communication) to € 1 unit. This allows life of the auxiliary point with smartphone at the beginning and end of the visit. The application is compatible with a business management software, accelerates billing procedures and the establishment of payroll depending Haeuw Patricia, Senior Assistant in charge of services. VROLANT Juliette, she says: “ This has boosted our business as this service provides great responsiveness. Carers are valued because they feel responsible for their tour. We can visualize their segmentation and adapt it journey times that are not reimbursed by the funds or the General Council. Finally, families will soon have access to the monitoring of services through an Internet portal, which will be reassuring for them.

Contact Senior Services: 28 March 26 27 97. Website:

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