Wednesday, July 15, 2015

New technologies – Rural communes connect – L’Express de Madagascar

mobile telephony operators have paid their fees. A portion will be allocated to the implementation of technology projects in different areas.

More than 13 million euros. This is the amount injected into the state coffers by mobile operators, namely Orange and Telma Madagascar, in relation to the compliance of their licenses
telecommunications operator and their renewal for a period of ten years. According to official statements from these companies, Orange has paid 8,615,400 euros, and more than 5 million euros for Telma. For the third operator, Airtel, the validity of its license expires in September. According to the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, Neypatraiky Rakotomamonjy, this sum will finance the presidential and governmental programs for the development of new technologies in Madagascar . Improved access, especially in rural towns,
are among the actions envisaged. “Many rural communities are still not accessible by mobile phones. The ministry will incorporate in its proposals for new technology development projects, the telephone network installation and improvement of connecting these areas to achieve the goal to reach that new technologies are accessible to all ” the minister explained.
The payment of these fees marks a return to normal in the telecommunications sector, as traders were willing to pay the state what they owed him. “They have exploited 3G without paying any money to the state, which is not a normal thing,” said the senior official. This was yesterday at a press conference organized in the framework of the visit the Secretary General of the International Telecommunication Union, Houlin Zhao.

Assistance Project
addition to mobile telephony, the telecommunications sector in general, was also reviewed. Progress has been highlighted. Equipment solar panels schools to allow loading tablet and phone batteries, to be launched in about a month, the launch of the pilot phase of the switchover to DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television) and 4G in fifty cities were discussed. “When I arrived at the hotel, I tried to use the 4G connection and in conclusion, I will say that communication in Madagascar is not bad. There are some years I have been in Latin America, and it took me three hours to send a photo to Geneva. Here, this was not the case, “said the Secretary General of ITU.
A downhill is scheduled on that day, to see firsthand the achievements for switching to DTT. The UN official also pointed out that efforts are needed, among others, in increasing the usage rate of mobile telephony. He also argued in his speech that the ITU has set up a project to assist small and medium industries (SMIs), as these companies develop applications, local solutions to assist mobile and internet . They contribute to employment creation, besides improving the connection. Houlin Zhao was also received yesterday by the head of government, Jean Ravelonarivo. During the discussion, it noted that “connectivity is a priority in Madagascar, and that support will be made at the point of new technology development projects, including access to the Internet in public schools “.


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