Thursday, July 2, 2015

New technologies: FabLabs the large region … – Voice of Jura

Born in the USA in the late 90s, FabLabs (English contraction fab facturing Lab oratory “fabrication laboratory” ) developed in France from 2009. As explained on Wikipedia the free encyclopedia internet, it is “participatory public facilities where is made available all kinds of instruments, including machine tools computer-controlled, for the design and construction of objects. ” We might as well find a 3D printer, a digital milling machine, a laser cutter, as tools “standard”: jigsaw, sander, drill …

Dole precursor basin

In Burgundy and Franche-Comté, there are 36 FabLabs being created or already open. They meet for the first time Saturday, July 4 in Dole “to create a FabLab extended to the scale of future large region and launch the FabLab Grand Dole”, explains Pascal Minguet, co-creator of the Biarne near Dole, called “Net-iki”, who turns three years old at that time. “It was the first FabLab of rural France, the world’s 135th and 5th in the country.” Since then, more than 90 project leaders came to Biarne whole of France during the last two years, including thirty-Bourgogne Franche-Comté. “We argue that it takes FabLabs of all sizes and distributed on the territory,” said Pascal Minguet.

In order to share and collaborate better, the idea of ​​a first meeting all FabLabs and regional projects was born. The “family reunion of FabLabs” will therefore take place in Dole. “This day in open format will allow all makers (users, Editor’s note) to know and share. Each FabLab will save time and enjoy the experience of others, “added Simon Lawrence, president of the new Iki-Share Association, which links the network

” CousiFab “. Saturday July 4th from 9 am 30-16: 30 pm at the Centre of new activities (CAN) Dole.


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