Thursday, July 23, 2015

TOUR DE FRANCE 2015 – How can new technologies … –

Data, a lot of data, and Live

         The vast amount of data generated during the race, essential to the accompaniment of the performance by the teams, also opens to the public. With its partner Dimension Data, the Tour got hold this year to provide many elements in real time on two markets: the twitter accountletourdata and site.

         On twitter, it is a statistics show more or less understandable: Speed ​​racers at certain key moments of the race, changing differences …

         The site, still in beta, uses GPS chips installed on bikes of riders for you indicate their position in real time, which is particularly valuable in the mountains, when the race explodes at various levels. After the bugs early days, “tracker” seems to point to the Alps, although it retains some limitations: how to find Contador after his bike change in the descent of Col d’Allos?

         The use by some riders of the Strava app also allows amateur cyclists to assess and compare their performance with those professionals who travel the same routes.

On Twitter, large and small runners info

         The peloton love Twitter and Twitter do not do it too much. Most of the biggest names in cycling are on the social network and while some have entrusted the management of their account to communications companies, most of the riders occupy themselves for what they publish. The teams and race organizers have followed suit. The opportunity to interact directly with the public, to reveal some of the scenes and sometimes settle some accounts.

         Twitter is also the medium of immediacy. Ideal to live in real time racing. The heavy fall in the peloton known to Huy at the 3rd step has generated a peak of 260 tweets per minute on the subject.

The board cameras to penetrate the pack

         They have appeared in recent seasons but we are still in the early stages of their operations. Every day, at least eight cameras are installed on bikes of riders and images are then distributed in the form of short clips, some with grandiose images. Illustration with step pavers:


         The movement is launched: the cameras are installed on a plush intended for the yellow jersey, a mechanic in charge to intervene after the fall of a rider of his team … a fad? GoPro, which provides the cameras, teams, particularly through Velon group, and broadcasters want to go even further. Their next goal: transmit live images and captured the heart of the race.



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