Sunday, July 5, 2015

When the dollar leaden spending new technologies – The

Spending on information and communications technology are not rosy. Far from there. On Tuesday, Gartner unveiled its global forecast for the year 2015. And these are hardly flattering. This year’s IT spending will plummet by as much as 5.5% to 3.507 billion dollars. That is over 200 billion less than in 2014, which saw the industry grow by 1.6%. The firm does not shoot as long the alarm. For its experts, the main culprit for this decline is found: it is the rising dollar. The US currency particularly benefits the tense atmosphere on the Old Continent, still weighed down by the Greek crisis.

Gartner, “constant exchange rates, the market should grow by 2.5%” . Thus, “we stress that this is not a crash” , adds John-David Lovelock, vice president of research firm. However, “there are side effects to the rising dollar, he said. Vendors must raise prices to protect margins and costs of their products. The groups and consumers will have to take new buying decisions in the light of these new prices. “


In detail, communications services – which remain the largest segment of those expenditures – avoisineront 1.500 billion. They still record the largest decline of the panel (7.2%). For Gartner, price erosion and competitive threats prevent revenue to grow in the same proportion as the uses them go crescendo. In France, according to Arcep, the telecoms regulator, operators’ revenues were down 4% in 2014 compared to the previous year, to 36.8 billion euros. The first quarter figures are, for their part, reported a meager stabilization.

device side, spending appear indented 5.7%. Here, the mobile continent to have the wind in their sails. In this regard include Apple, whose sales are doing well in the Chinese market. For the record, the Apple brand has passed no less than 61.17 million iPhones in the second quarter, when the company posted a net profit up 33% to $ 13.6 billion. Conversely, sales of PCs and tablets are expected to weaken. There are some months, the research firm IDC is also clearly showed pessimistic. If he has a time contemplated selling over 306 million tablets this year, its specialists now bet of 293 million units sold. At best.

The business software industry, he should resist, with sales totaling $ 310 billion in 2015, against 314 billion last year. In fact, publishers would not wish to risk losing customers by increasing their prices. Such a maneuver, according to Gartner analysts, might eject the market.


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