Monday, July 20, 2015

New technologies are strategic for travel managers – Pros Accs

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New technology increasingly present in the daily lives of actors in the business. 61% of 230 travel managers surveyed in the study of GBTA, said that the evaluation and integration of new technologies is one hand ‘very important’ to their work. 75% think it will be the case in the near future. “The technology will become increasingly important for travel managers, as they seek to expand their role and to further demonstrate the added value they bring to their business,” says Joseph Bates , Vice President of Research at GBTA.

86% of reported TM liability related to the selection and implementation of technology tools such as online bookings and mobile solutions. According to respondents, this new aspect of their work will strengthen their position within companies. Indeed, 84% of them think that with new technologies but also virtual payments or data collection, their role will become even more strategic in the next 3-5 years.

7 of 10 travel managers believe that obtaining and analyzing travel data is very important. They study mainly this information to prepare for negotiations of contracts with suppliers, monitor compliance with travel policy within the company or identify possible areas for savings.

In addition, the solutions that will be given priority in the future are, according to them, the applications related to mobile booking and with a protective duty (duty of care). Buyers also interested in payment solutions, primarily mobile payment.


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