Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Hackers destabilize Fiat Chrysler – Cross

Hack to better secure. This was demonstrated Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek, taking remote control of a Fiat-Chrysler jeep, connected to the Internet.

Fiat-Chrysler, the américaino-Italian manufacturer had Friday, July 24 recall 1.4 million vehicles in the United States, after the demonstration of a flaw in the computer system of the vehicle by the two researchers.

How a hack connected car?

Tuesday, July 21, the US site Wired specialized in new technologies published a video of Charlie Miller, security engineer for Twitter, and Chris Valasek, a researcher in computer security. Both remotely hijack a Jeep while the reporter Andy Greenberg is driving.

The two specialists manage to get out the vehicle from its course and increase the radio at maximum volume, strumming lines of code on their laptops.

To achieve this, it was enough for them to infiltrate the network Uconnect , the central computer system of Fiat Chrysler. Each car has its own name, such as computers, the IP address. The vulnerability allowed hackers to connect to the network only by knowing the IP address of the car. More worryingly, the operation can be performed at any distance.

Already in 2014, Chris Vasalek publicly worried about the lack of reliability of new systems put in place by manufacturers, without prior verification.

How to solve this computer problem?

The hacking scandal has forced Fiat Chrysler to act quickly. In addition to the 1, 4 million recalled cars, the manufacturer is committed to providing a USB key to all drivers of the affected models to update the information security of their vehicle. The manufacturer also performed corrections to the entire network, including that of the renowned Jeep Grand Cherokee.

This vulnerability does not suit the manufacturer’s business. Other defects of Fiat-Chrysler, mechanical or computerized order, were reported by the US Agency for road safety, the NHTSA. And it accuses him of misconduct during car recalls. The company had to reduce 70 million: a record fine

The future of smart cars is not started so far

<. p> Already in February 2015, Apple and Google were landing at the International Exhibition of Geneva Motor to present future connected cars. If Google launched the idea of ​​an autonomous car, because Google in 2020, PSA has partnered with IBM to develop its own prototype.

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Today, the car connected to customize the operation of the vehicle using data from its driver. “ The data collected with IBM allows us, at this stage, to tell the customer how to optimize his behavior to consume less fuel, or when making a technical inspection ,” explains Alain Le Gouguec in charge of innovation for PSA Citröen. . For now, the French manufacturer put more on the Big data and customization than driverless cars

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In 2020, PSA will be able to produce autopilot cars especially for caps and regulation of speeds on the highway. “This change in behavior is subject to the Code of the French road. European legislation, it already ensures the future of connected cars. In 2018, the “Emergency Call” option must be built into every car, which therefore must be connected to the network.

According to the IHS study quoted by Le Monde, there are 36 million connected cars worldwide in 2014. This figure will be almost tenfold in three years. In 2018, they will be 420 million (2).


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