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Haiti-Culture: Perspectives mobilization of funds (fundraising … – AlterPresse-Haiti

P-au-P, July 7, 2015 [AlterPresse] — In the era of the growing development of New information and communications technology (NICT), the use of relevant technologies can help mobilize funds for culture (heritage and others) and social causes (health, access to housing, humanitarian assistance, fight against poverty, care for people with reduced mobility, etc.).

This is what emerges from the 14 th edition of the Francophone Seminar on fundraising, held from Tuesday 23 to Thursday, June 25, 2015 in Paris, according to information obtained by the online agency AlterPresse.

The aim of this training was to enhance the skills of 580 participants, who came from Francophone countries in the mobilization of funds (fundraising) for the setting work of cultural activities.

In over forty workshops, participants learned various techniques that consider the use of networks in the transition from traditional methods cycle collection those funds to new technologies, told AlterPresse Samora Chalmers, who trained as a member of the cultural association “Akoustik Prod.”

The reflections focused on process design and implementation instead of fundraising strategies, using the digital channel.

How to strengthen and make reliable socio-cultural institutions, so that they are able to go seek financial support for cultural activities considered?

Operators and sociocultural operators must seek ways and means of reaching donors seduction techniques and retention.

They must also achieve an appropriate management achievements, with donors and sponsors, define an international strategy, adapt their approach and discourse to those international patrons …

The training from 23 to 25 June 2015, in Paris, emphasized the concept of “fundraiser” for socio-cultural enterprises and organizations “will become a personality-orchestra, capable of building multichannel strategies (using the phone, including text-message / SMS, the Internet) by mobilizing information and communications technology. “

” The fundraiser is a man or a woman band. It must adapt to the digital age, investing in web campaigns and applications (adapted to) tablets, “says Samora Chalmers.

How appropriate correspondence, telephone pitch and electronic mail (e-mail) to bring donor agencies to invest and invest in culture and social causes?

Hence the need to work on the modernization of Haitian institutions in collection or mobilization of funds, the identification of “several different donors,” including small donors, “that can make a big difference, because they are many.”

A restitution workshop on Francophone training 23 to 25 June 2015 in Paris, is announced for the end of July 2015, at the location of cultural and social organizations in Haiti.

Alongside Akoustik Prod, the organization Young Life and the National School of Arts (ENARTS) of the State University of Haiti (UEH) were respectively represented at the training in June 2015 in Paris by Jimmy Borgella and Olrich Exantus. [SRH kft rc apr 07/07 // 2015 11:15]


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