The business of web start growing in Madagascar. Young people are more attracted to these jobs because they find it easier to become familiar with the web world, such as the use of social networks and ICT. This is what representatives of offshore companies based in Antananarivo spoke at the closing of the fair of entrepreneurship at City Hall Saturday. Apart from the involvement of support networks and training centers in the creation of companies, a recruitment space has been set up during the three-day event. According to Pierre-Paul Ardile, President ArkeUp the company, a company of digital services specialized in engineering advanced technologies in web development, mobile and specifically who was present at the show, “the field is still wide for Madagascar on the location of businesses in the the computer industry, especially for business web, with the opportunities that new technologies provide. “
Most services are outsourced. The main customer of Madagascar is France. “Our company is based in the capital for years. The parent company is located in Pantin, Paris. Madagascar was chosen for outsourcing because it is a francophone country. In addition, the Web remains an evolving field with prospects for trades that are constantly changing as the call center, web writing, moderators. Young people are the main targets because they have curiosity and potential. Our age range varies from 20 to 28 years, “says Valérie Rajaonary, in charge of human resources at the company offshore Vivetic.
Salaries for web employees are the most attractive on the market in Madagascar. This sector has advantages not only for the young but for the company. the emergence in this area is one of the solutions to unemployment. According Rado Heritiana student in telecommunications, “I find that the craft of web is a provider of employment sector for young people. In addition, the salary is 400 000 ariary more motivating than other sectors, with good working conditions. But sometimes, the problem remains the levels required by the business and experience of young people “

Sandra Miora Hafalianavalona


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