Friday, July 3, 2015

The exhibition “Innov ‘Climate’ this new technology … – TF1

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Science – 1min 15s

François Moisan, Executive Director of the Environment Agency and the Energy Management (ADEM) is LCI came to present the exhibition “Innov ‘Climate” held until Wednesday on the steps of the Paris City Hall. He explained that this exhibition will show the new control technologies against global warming to the public


The day the video

& amp; quot; The Profs 2 & amp; quot; cartonnent at Box Office, Kev Adams teen idol

1min 06s
Coming out in theaters Wednesday, the film “Les Profs 2″ made the best start since 2008. comedy adapted from a comic book, the second part tells the story of French teachers a little “redneck” headed in a chic school in England. Installed in their red chairs, teens love developed to photograph the screen …!

Gay Marriage: interactive video shows the & amp; # 039; changes in legislation in the world

57 seconds
> The US Supreme Court legalized gay marriage in all states of the country. mounted a video on the evolution of marriage for all the world. Key moments illustrated with interactive images.

Week Slate: media treatment of the FN, the difficult mission of journalists

1min 37s This week
the National Front has made headlines daily with the suspension of Jean-Marie Le Pen canceled by the court. Writing examined the work of journalists covering daily the party.

& amp; quot; How to save Greece & amp; quot ;, the interactive game launched

47 seconds
This Sunday, Greeks will vote on the referendum introduced by Alexis Tsipras. Waiting for the verdict, the site launched an interactive game, “How to save Greece.” This is a viable economic activity for the country.

Heat Wave: is it necessary or not, put the air conditioning in the open space?

1min 11s
With the scorching temperatures prevalent in the French sky, a question arises. Is it or not, put the air conditioning in the open space? According to the deputy editor of the site, Charlotte Pudlowski, “the AC can be dangerous when it is poorly cleaned. It can develop many bacteria and discomfort.”

Sexual assault on children in Burkina Faso: the & amp; # 039; one of the two referred soldiers

21 seconds
A French military on suspicion of sexual touching two girls in Ouagadougou, capital of Burkina Faso, was referred Friday to Paris for a possible indictment.

Referendum: & amp; quot; We will give freedom to the Greeks & amp; quot ;, said Tsipras

1min 56s
In front of over 25,000 people demonstrating against the new austerity measures proposed by the creditors, the EU and IMF, the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras reiterated his call to vote no in the referendum to be held this Sunday. Pride, dignity, freedom … “We will make the Greeks their freedom,” he said.

# Sunburnart, the & amp; # 039; sunburn art concerned physicians

2min 17s Use your
tan to produce patterns on her body …. This practice has a name: the sun burn art. On social networks, the associated hashtag a hit. Yet prolonged sun exposure can cause cancer. New Fashion worried dermatologists.

 The 20 hours of 3 July 2015: - 457

49 seconds
With the heat wave that has set in, the City of Paris has decided to open both day and night five parks until Monday. An idea welcomed by Catherine Laborde, who benefits from Lake Parc Monceau. The latter is also back on the forecast of next week.

The 20 hours of 3 July 2015: Heatwave: swimming ... for some and work for others - 306

2min 41s
The heatwave raged again on Friday for the first major holiday departures, with more than 35 degrees on the thermometer in several departments. While some enjoy the seaside and swimming, others work. On construction sites, employees work are exposed under a blazing sun.

 The 20 hours of 3 July 2015: - 694

1min 44s
Convenient and fast, the French prefer more the motorbike in the large cities. But with the heat they forget the essential protection. They tend to shift from specialized equipment for lighter outfits.

The 20 hours of 3 July 2015: Heatwave: vacationers hold up through bottles of & amp; # 039; water and fans ... and bottles of water - 117

2min 52s
The heat wave continues to rage and puts a brake on the enthusiasm of travelers. Despite the misters and distribution of water, the air is unbreathable. A Gare de Lyon in Paris, French and foreign tourists opted for the fans. Motorists have emptied the stock of water bottles motorway services.

The 20 hours of 3 July 2015: In college, we learn to survive in the wild - 1757

2min 18s
A college professor wanted to teach his students the art of survival in the wild. Knowing move with the sun, build a shelter, light a fire … Ancestral techniques for escaping dangerous situations. Fifth of the students welcome this initiative at a time when internet has revolutionized their lives.

The 20 hours of 3 July 2015: Medicine: Siamese babies go well - in 1136

2min 36s Four
months after birth, two Guinean Siamese babies were separated at the Necker Hospital in Paris. A little over a month after the operation, they “are going very well.” A pediatric nurse monitors every other day weight. Fatoumata’s mother, thanked the surgeons of the association “Chain of Hope”, the origin of the intervention.

The 20 hours of 3 July 2015: Holiday departures: a check up of the vehicle is required - 507

1min 48s
wipers (changing every year), coolant, height of lights, tires … before leaving to gild the pill under the sun, we must especially check the status of their vehicle. Even with the heat wave! An important advice to apply during hot weather, ventilate the vehicle.

The 20 hours of 3 July 2015: Heatwave and sports Advice to hold on - 1933

1min 56s
If it is not forbidden to exercise during the heat wave, we must nevertheless take precautions. Jogging in the morning or evening when the temperature drops or maximum hydration. Discover some wellness advice.

The 20 hours of 3 July 2015: Dominique Blanc & amp; quot; descends into Hell & amp; quot; playing Persephone at d & amp festival; # 039; Aix-en-Provence - 2137

2min 13s
Dominique White in the role of Persephone to the opera. She plays the goddess of spring and “descends into hell.” The director Peter Sellars has chosen actress for her talents and mastery of Gide text.

 The 20 hours of 3 July 2015: - 983

2min 15s
The Court of Cassation ruled Friday in favor of the inclusion in the French civil status of two children born to surrogate motherhood (GPA) abroad . This decision was eagerly awaited by a couple. Their son Kolya was born in Russia, will be recognized. For the father, it is a “unique moment and a testimony for other parents in the same situation.” Manuel Valls wishes to recall that the use of the GPA is “banned in France.”

The 20 hours of 3 July 2015: ANGOLA BENIN HOLLAND - 1355

2min 46s
François Hollande continues its tour in Africa with his side, twenty entrepreneurs. Three countries in two days with the key, many contracts. Amount hoped, a million dollar. Angola, with a GDP increased eightfold in a decade, is coveted. For Patrick Pouyanné, CEO of Total, “there are many opportunities in a country stabilizes.”

 The 20 hours of 3 July 2015: - 614

1min 29s
According to a survey published more Auto Friday, half of the 346 new speed cameras would not be placed on the most dangerous places but on the most profitable places … . Located in Courbevoie on a non-accident-prone area, radar flashed 20,772 vehicles in just six months, making him one of the ten most active radar France.

More videos

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