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New technologies for home care – … 14/07/2015 –



The home help service Plaisance-du-Touch and nursing service hosted this meeting. / Photo DDM

                             The home help service Plaisance-du-Touch and nursing service hosted this meeting. / Photo DDM


Each year, the ADMR Federation of Haute-Garonne holds its general meeting in one of the 23 local associations distributed in the department. The home help service Plaisance-du-Touch and nursing service recently hosted this meeting. Jean-Claude Aragon, president of the Federation thanked the partners present and the activity report, the financial report, the report of the auditor, the estimated budget 2014 and the moral guidance report were presented. 695,444 hours provided by 23 home help services (DSS) ADMR of the department.

The 10 nursing home services (SSIAD) ADMR distributed Haute-Garonne, with a capacity of 373 beds, have made nearly 128 684 days. Some 6,574 clients received Skills 1323 employees ADMR network. The strong involvement of volunteers in the context of fiscal restraint is one of the strengths of the movement.

In 2014, the Fédération ADMR is slightly in surplus, this is also the case for many associations ADMR network 31 .

These efforts have not slowed the goal of quality to customers and the network is happy and proud of certification by AFNOR NF achieved again this year and this since 2011. Improvements permanent is a crucial issue for the Federation and local associations.

As the network develops on the territory of the Haute-Garonne new computer tools remote management, and Philiadom Philiatel for that home speakers are equipped with mobile phones. This software facilitates the establishment of schedules and monitoring of interventions.

The ADMR developed the BVPN the Haute-Garonne, a secure system of electronic data transmission. These new means of communication are a determination to modernize and responsiveness.

For tomorrow, the network aims to develop the concept Living ADMR otherwise, adapted housing for seniors in a friendly habitat, multigenerational human scale. This system was presented to the partners present.


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