Thursday, January 2, 2014

1000 shortlisted candidates to go "colonize" Mars - TF1

 Project One reality of Mars

The Dutch company March One announced it had selected more than one thousand people among the candidates ready to fly towards Mars to create the first human colony on the planet. A project that seems totally crazy but which nevertheless attracted more than 200,000 people. About 1058 candidates selected 22 French are still in the competition. In the end, only 24 of them have a chance to take the road to the space in 2025. To determine who will be part of the journey, a second phase of selection will take place. “The next phase of selection in 2014 and 2015 include rigorous simulations, often performed as a team, and to test the physical and emotional capabilities of candidates,” announced March One in a statement. The final choice will be made through a public vote.

a reality for the project

The cost of this project a bit surreal is estimated at $ 6 billion. To finance the company had the idea to create a reality around this trip. 24 participants will be filmed continuously throughout their travel and installation. But questions remain about the feasibility of the project because it is still not known whether the red planet is habitable.

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