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Recap video of the week: Oculus Rift Padfone iPhone and pads ... - Clubic

recap video of the week gives pride to the world of mobile, and video games! Handle or not handle iPhone, create folders on the home screen of Windows Phone 8. We also take the opportunity to return to the ESC, and more particularly on the Padfone Mini, followed by impressive Occulus rift we had the chance to try. Finally, the tutorial will guide you through the week to create a self-executable archive. Logitech Powershell, Moga Ace Power Controller … or nothing?
If you want to play with joystick for iPhone, pending Stratus Steelseries (see our news), you must make your choice from these two models. Should crack or wait? All demonstration to support answers with our special program conducted jointly with

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Folders are invited on the home screen of Windows Phone 8
Now the Windows Phone Marketplace provides an application to create folders on the Home screen. These files may contain applications or shortcuts leading to the settings. As you can see in this short video, the manipulations to be performed to achieve its ends are not as easy as one might have thought.

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Padfone: the adventure continues (yes)
obviously not discouraged by the mixed echo what could meet this range, Asus decided to re-enlist with mini version that revolves around the same concept still. For those who have not followed here, a smartphone is inserted in the back of a tablet unintelligent. Advantage: keep the same environment (. Widgets, etc.) when going from one device to another. Disadvantage in the absence of the phone, the tablet does not work

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  • ..

Oculus Rift: the future of gaming is now
At CES, we have better acquainted with the latest prototype dated famous Oculus Rift. This virtual reality helmet could revolutionize the way we play. The angle of the 3D scene seen through the helmet fits his position in space. In addition, the presence of two separate screens for each eye can benefit from stereoscopic rendering striking.

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Tutorial: Winrar honor
tutorial weekly guide you through the steps of creating a self-executable archive. The goal? Ensure that the recipient of the archive reaches the open, even if it does not have a decompression program installed on his computer.

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