Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bouygues cut roaming charges Europe / Overseas - Afrik.com

Good news finally for phone packages roaming abroad: the first jump borders between the territories and even oceans! Bouygues to launch a package that will allow travel without counting his connections and calls for both data (social networks) and voice … Next step: lower communication between Europe and Africa

operator Bouygues Telecom innovates and answers a need often expressed by travelers: the question of the use of mobile abroad (roaming or roaming) … Now jump borders within Europe and between France and the DOM / TOM. From 24 February, calls, SMS and mobile data will be included in the packages “Sensation”.

calls, sms and Internet transboundary unlimited!

Bouygues Telecom will so enjoy unlimited calls and SMS from European countries and overseas but also to use the data in the envelope provided Sensation package (with access 4G) corresponding (3, 8 or 16 GB) This offer starts 29.99 € / month with 3GB package sensation, but also an additional 3 GB available on each package.

Do not dream

: use this free roaming in Europe and Overseas will be possible only 35 days per year. It is reserved for travelers or those who do not spend more than a month abroad or in the French Overseas. But it is a start and we can thus move without worrying about off his phone across borders, without ceasing to surf the web or use applications with mobile down the plane, that it is in France, the Overseas Departments and throughout Europe.

comfort without the bill shock return …

“Since all European countries and overseas, customers of mobile packages sensation can enjoy unlimited calls and SMS to France and DOM (inbound and outbound) and 3GB of mobile internet per month (including MMS) in addition to the envelope included in their package (3 GB, 8 GB or 16 GB), “said the operator.

comfort without the shock of the bill after the holidays, when you realize that every minute spent on Facebook cost a fortune … And therefore the possibility to continue using mobile applications or accessing your social networks without worrying not exceed a limited quota or seek a WiFi access point.

Congratulations to Bouygues for this tariff innovation that will be a real selling point to the public occasional or regular travelers, businessmen and students … Remains a fundamental border to kill: the Mediterranean, so that what is possible between France and the Overseas is also in Africa, from Algiers to Madagascar … It is not forbidden to dream a competitor not skip!

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