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figures: The third edition of our monthly overview of the 2G/3G and 4G mobile customer experience with our partner 4Gmark offers users first 4G Free results. More than 80 000 tests were carried out by mobile users between 1 and 31 December.


For this third edition of our monthly review of rates and mobile QoS (quality of service) from our 4GMonitor, you were very likely to participate in making measurements via 4Gmark application. The holiday season is passed through there with smartphones under the tree, resulting in a number of tests ever before.

Thus, more 81456 tests that have been sampled in December of 4Gmark tests.

“With 28,000 tests, Bouygues Telecom is head and appears to have the largest community and the highest proportion of testers with 4G. Free took second place and has a strong increase (up to 22,000 tests) related to users since December 2 4Gmark wish to check with the availability or performance of 4G. Orange and SFR have this month about 15,000 full speed and tests 4Gmark “clarify our partners.

As usual, we offer you to visualize the average performance download speeds and amounts per operator (via the Speed ??Tests) but also and especially the quality of service with time data access to certain pages Web or downloading and sending files (via the Full Tests).

We decided to separate the results 2G/3G 4G results for readability. Finally, note the evolution percentages you see on each table show the changes compared to the previous period (November).

2G/3G Flows: Free continues to rise

Orange continues to lead with downstream speeds up, rising above 6 Mb / s . But the real surprise comes from the right side of Free Mobile who sees his average jump over a month 26% 5.8 Mb / s , ranking second.

“Free thoroughly enjoyed roaming with Orange but also the deployment of its network, a marked increase brought about by a very large sample this month” say experts 4Gmark.

Bouygues Telecom ranks third with an average increase of 15% 4.61 Mb / s , a hair SFR (4.53 Mb / s ) also saw its results grow by 11% a month.

2G/3G Quality: maximum comfort at Orange

Orange offers again this December the best comfort. The significant increase in 3G speeds at Free Mobile also leads to improved quality of service, including the loading of web pages and YouTube.

“This is a direct consequence of the increase of the testers own network (around 60%), but also lower on this page out time of less than 30% to 20% at the end of December, “explained our partners.

Flows 4G: average continues to fall, Free farm walking

Proof of successful 4G (1 million customers in BouyguesTel, Orange and SFR), average rates continue to fall over one month. Orange is the one who loses the least amount of feathers (-2%) and remains ahead of the competition with an average flow down 36.3 Mb / s.

SFR completed correcting the problem upload 4G (+22% to 9.6 Mb / s) but down 9% in download 22.3 Mb / s . Bouygues Telecom folds in bit rate (-6%) and descending (-7% 21.5 Mb / s ) as a result of the increased number of users on the network, the sample but also a 4G network mainly 1800Mhz frequency, however, possible to provide coverage still vastly superior to competitors.

Discover mapping deployments in major cities

This December edition is also the first to incorporate the very first outcomes of Free Mobile on 4G. At the moment, the troublemaker is still outpaced by the competition download ( 17.80 Mb / s ) and upload (6.1 Mb / s).

“It would be simplistic to talk only of a lower average (20% compared to SFR and Bouygues) as construction rates at Free is disparate. 4G In an expected (above 20 level Mbps) only to Paris, Montpellier and Brest in the early days, you can follow the 4G network is “décontraster” and day after day. sign faster than expected commercial launch, “says 4Gmark.

“In effect Free (for the 1st month) has two faces. effective and efficient 4G vs. 4G seems limited to 15 Mbps has been hypothesized not asserted, the 4G antennas would not be finished fibered and would gradually equipped. View map of departments below. “

The breakdown by departments

This map (hover your mouse over the departments to visualize data) allows us to understand the construction of the indicators with levels and flows score 4G department, and thus better understand the numbers from one area to the another as well as the representativeness of the departments.

Quality 4G service: upload pending at Free

If comfort offered by 4G is almost optimal among all operators, Free Mobile stands with poor service quality in terms of upload files.

Explanations: “As a direct result of a 4G network in some areas (or agglomeration peripheries) does not appear at the expected level, Free particularly suffers untimely upload speed (the Full Test performing sending a 10 MB file in less than 120s). “

Meanwhile, Bouygues Telecom appears to have a near perfect comfort while Orange provides more than 3/4 speeds above 21 Mb / s. SFR has no problem comfort provided by 4G in terms of use “.

Participate in this survey of 3G and 4G networks in performing your tests with 4Gmark application on Android and iOS, all your tests 3G/4G power this monthly survey published each month in real time on 4GMonitor.

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