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U.S. News Night: Results better than expected for Facebook, the ... -

Posted by Pierre Alexandre Thursday, January 30, 2014

U.S. News Logo night

Facebook has ended the year 2013. Google as responding positively to the sale of Motorola Lenovo. Nintendo shows an operating loss of 15.3 million dollars in sales because of Wii U disappointing. Amazon will develop a mobile payment platform for Kindle. VC Tech offers a coffee chain. These are the latest news of the night in the United States. Facebook always carried by the mobile division

Facebook has done much better than expected last quarter. Earnings per share were 31 cents. Analysts expected only 27 cents. Ditto for the turnover reached 2.59 billion dollars against 2.33 billion dollars expected. These good results are due in large part to the growth of the mobile division generated 53% of advertising revenue against 49% in the third quarter of 2013. The title has responded very well in after-hours trading earning more than 12% affecting the 60 dollars.

positive reaction from Google as the sale of Motorola Lenovo

After the announcement of the sale of Motorola by Google Lenovo, Google title was an upward trend in after-hours trading. A priori Google made a bad financial transaction as the sale price of 2.91 billion dollars is significantly less than the purchase price of 12.5 billion dollars spent by Google in 2011. But Google has been able to capitalize on this acquisition to conquer the mobile world and will retain significant assets of Motorola including the vast majority of patents.

weak sales of Nintendo Wii U penalize

Nintendo recorded an operating loss of 15.3 million dollars last quarter. Wii U sales were very disappointing in the crucial holiday season. The Chairman of the group will see his salary halved and measures significant cost reductions can be expected.

Amazon tackles Paypal and Square

Amazon will develop its own mobile payment platform for its Kindle. Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s boss is therefore directly addresses Pay Pal Square and on a growing market.

Tech VC investing in the chain of coffee Blue Bottle Coffee

The Tech would it lost its appeal or VC view that a new bubble is being formed. Still, the Tech VCs are interested in coffee. Big names in tech investment have decided to invest 25.7 million in the chain of coffee Blue Bottle Coffee. This pool of investors led by Morgan Stanley Investment Management, the same structure that had invested in Facebook and Twitter.

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