Saturday, January 4, 2014

Facebook accused analyze your private messages - The World

“scanned Facebook posts complainants and analyzed the links sent especially for data analysis and user profiling” says the complaint purports to represent all U.S. users affected by this practice. To the complainants, the social network would operate discreetly private messages to get more personal than publicly posted information. Much information that would be shared ensuites “with third parties: advertisers, marketing companies and other data aggregators.”


plaintiffs accuse Facebook to indicate in its privacy settings that private messages are known only to the sender and recipients, contrary to his actions. The complaint is based on a study of a computer security company, dated August, and several articles on the tools developed around Facebook, which allows accounting for references to a link in private messages.

“We believe these claims are without merit and we will vigorously defend” , said a spokesman for Facebook to American sites CNET and Re / code. A classic response from the company in response to requests for comment on the complaint.

Both plaintiffs claim, them, the end of this practice (if true) and legal compensation for each person assigned at the rate of $ 100 per user per day of violation of the law. In late August, Facebook had negotiated a payment of $ 20 million after another collective action, accusing the social network to view the “Like” users in certain ad formats without their consent.

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