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Yahoo! Marissa Mayer dismisses the group number 2, Henrique de ... - Digital Zone

January 16, 2014

To his surprise, Yahoo! spots Henrique de Castro, number 2 of the group leave the ship. It will be kept for one year in the group and gave no explanation for his sudden departure.

Henrique de Castro, 48 and No. 2 Yahoo! left the band today after fifteen months of work as a strategic and operational director of sales, advertising, media and international development. He had been recruited by Marissa Mayer while working at Google. This information was formalized through a document with the SEC, the U.S. stock market watchdog. Yahoo! returned home in late 2012, rumors indicate that tensions would likely cause between him and Marissa Mayer. Henrique de Castro was part of the management team of the group that lost one of its most important elements.

Henrique de Castro was responsible for sales management of the group and had a role at the relational level. It should establish agreements and relationships with key accounts, advertisers. But advertising revenues have dropped 7% year on year, the contract was not completed 100%. With his departure, he will receive severance important that could have an impact on the group’s finances. Rumors from the site Adweek indicated last year that Henrique de Castro was under pressure following the bad publicity the group’s results. Marissa Mayer had sent a memo to employees to notify lower performance Henrique de Castro. Yahoo! had paid 58 million euros for hiring. Fifteen months in the group he would have made about 80 million euros according specializing in remuneration of top executives agency Equilar.

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