Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Syrian Electronic Army pirate blogs and social accounts Skype - Clubic

Posted by admin Robillart Thursday, January 2, 2014

Skype has made the cost of a computer attack claimed by the group called Syrian Electronic Army. For several hours, the Facebook, Twitter and the official blog of the group have published anti-Microsoft messages. Skype says that no personal data was stolen during the operation.

The Syrian Electronic Army announced supporting evidence, have managed to take over the control of several communication elements belonging to Skype. On the Twitter feed of society, anti-Microsoft (owner of the entity since 2011) posts have been published.

You could for example read “advice” such as “do not use the Microsoft mail service (Hotmail, Outlook), they monitor your accounts and sell the information to governments . ” The message, in response to the controversy generated around the U.S. program PRISM is then stayed a few hours online before it is cleared by teams Skype.

As a reminder, the Syrian Electronic Army is a group of hackers near the Syrian regime and its current president Bashar al-Assad. This entity is also specialized in attack since social accounts had already recognized offensive against the official account of the AFP reserved for photographs. It then published several photos matching subjective and fixtures calling it “false revolution ” the conflict in Syria comments.

Subsequently, the Twitter account of the AP was the victim of an attack. In April, hackers were able to publish on the Twitter feed of the agency messages indicating that an explosion had occurred in the White House, Barack Obama wound up.

Finally, in August, it was the turn of the New York Times, Twitter or even the Huffington Post to be victims of the Syrian Electronic Army.

The fact is that officials of Skype reported from Mashable no information belonging to users had been stolen in the process. A spokesman for the group then merely have to specify “ aware of the existence of a targeted cyberattack that led to access to some social media belonging to Skype, but these were quickly removed access . “

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