Wednesday, January 15, 2014

In-app purchases: Apple will compensate customers 37 000 - ZDNet

Legal : Apple has an agreement with the Federal Trade Commission under which it agrees to repay 37,000 customers whose children have made purchases from iOS apps without their consent. In addition to the $ 32.5 million it will spend, the Apple brand will change its method of charging in-app purchases.


The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced yesterday that it had reached an agreement with Apple on micro-purchases within applications. It provides that the firm at the apple will pay 37,000 customers for a total of $ 32.5 million. This refund relates to purchases in applications that have children without the consent of their parents.

The FTC criticized the functioning of the system which granted a period of 15 minutes after entering the password during which one could make an unlimited number of transactions. The record cited the case of a girl who spent 2600 dollars in a quarter of an hour in the “Tap Pet Hotel” application. Last year, Apple has begun to contact 28 million customers in the App Store have made purchases from applications for children. 37,000 people responded with complaints about this system and have been reimbursed for their expenses.

Under the terms of the agreement with the FTC, Apple has until March 31 to change its method of charging in-app purchases to obtain the “express and informed consent” of users before any transaction. In a letter to Apple employees to announce the new, Tim Cook, however, emphasized that the FTC had decided to intervene when a federal judge had already approved the settlement approaches. (Eureka Press)

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