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A Cygnus cargo spacecraft docks with ISS - The Point

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CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida (Reuters) – Cygnus cargo ship company Orbital Sciences, docked Sunday at the International Space Station (ISS), thus obtaining his first pay delivery a cargo of food and equipment, said NASA.

Automatic arm of the ISS before the Cygnus spacecraft to 24:08, while the two spacecraft were 425 miles above the Indian Ocean, northeast of Madagascar . Two hours later, Cygnus was set at a lock of Harmony module of the ISS.

Cygnus provided nearly a ton and a half of food, equipment, scientific experiments and other supplies to the ISS, including computers and parts.

The Cygnus capsule must remain docked to the ISS for a month and a half. Astronauts station then detach the ISS so that plunges and disintegrates on re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere.

SpaceX and Orbital Sciences (Space Exploration Technologies) have contracts with NASA for a total of 20 cargo flights to the ISS. Orbital Sciences had a successful test flight to the ISS in September.

It’s Thursday had departed aboard an Antares rocket, the first of eight revenue flights must ensure that vessels Cygnus on behalf of NASA. As for SpaceX, is preparing its third flight refueling Feb. 22.

Irene Klotz, Eric Faye for the French service

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