Saturday, January 4, 2014

Facebook: What is network analysis our private messages? -

Is that in order to make data mining and user profiling, analysis our private Facebook messages? This will be the American courts to decide saw a complaint in this regard has been lodged.

Matthew Campbell and Michael Hurley, two American surfers, the procedure is clear Facebook, social network analysis, without the consent of its users, the content of private messages sent on its network to make data mining and user profiling.

Believing in the truth of their accusation, the two users have filed a complaint against Facebook before a California court this week by claiming that such a practice constitutes an infringement of legislation guaranteeing the confidentiality of electronic communications .

priori without concrete evidence, both complainants cite a study by security company High-Tech Bridge. Is that going to be enough for a judge to decide in their favor while, for its part, Facebook obviously denies all these accusations?

Finally, it should also be noted that Matthew Campbell and Michael Hurley are hoping to get their lawsuit class action, which would still give it more weight.

 Facebook accused of analysrer the content of private messages

Matthew Campbell and Michael Hurley Facebook accuse analyze private messages exchanged on Facebook.

Campbell v. Facebook

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