Wednesday, January 1, 2014

More than a thousand candidates in the first manned flight to Mars -

They were more than 200,000, they are more than 1058. The first phase of selection of candidates for volunteers planned trip to Mars in 2025 was conducted at the end of December, the foundation announced in March One this week.

reminder, Mars One is a Dutch company to non-profit that aims to organize the first manned flight to the Red Planet in 2025. This would be one way, candidates with flight intended to remain living on the Martian surface without the possibility of returning to Earth.

Applications fanciful and reality

Of the more than 200,000 applications received in September by Mars One, a little more than 1,000 have been learned, the foundation says on its website. The founder of the organization Lansdrop Netherlands explains that it was necessary to sort the wheat from the chaff, to distinguish serious applications fanciful. Thus, he says that some people have sent their application video in the nude …

whole series of physical and mental tests will be conducted on the remaining 1,058 candidates. The next phases of selection have not yet been detailed, Mars One intending to approach different TV channels to make this selection a media event. True reality of the pre-Martian. “We believe that our candidates become celebrities in their city and even in their country,” says Bas Lansdrop.

But candidates must keep their heads on their shoulders: it will have a mind of steel to support the idea of ??a trip without return to a hostile planet located at tens of millions of miles from Earth. As highlighted in a report Lansdrop Netherlands Time in June, once on Mars “you will never feel the wind in your hair, you will not hear the sound of your footsteps in the snow or birdsong. “Poetics, but a little scary.

* Nicolas BEGASSE

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