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Greeting: more virtual messages but paper returns - L'Express

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published on 01/01/2014 at 13:38, updated at 13:38

PARIS, Jan. 1, 2014 – This year, the flow of virtual greeting should set a new record in France even if the good standby paper map seems to resurface through … Internet.

Nearly 360 million SMS and MMS were exchanged between 9:00 p.m. ET about 2:00 on the night of Wednesday, according to a statement carried by AFP.

And this time, no bug “ devices set up by telecom operators worked perfectly ,” assured the Minister for the Digital Economy, Fleur Pellerin in a statement released at night.

In 2011, a computer bug had disrupted SMS, causing repetition of messages among millions of customers.

traffic was in full swing at midnight and eleven seconds, according to Orange, who noted that a peak time off at nearly 33,000 messages per second

According to figures compiled by the Department from operators and communicated to 5:00, Orange totaled 120 million SMS (text messages) and 4.3 million MMS (multimedia message including photo, video or audio), SFR 110 million SMS and MMS 4.6 million, Bouygues Telecom 62 million SMS and MMS 2.4 million.

As for Free

he recorded 56 million SMS sent, he has said his side could not confirm the number of MMS.

It will probably wait until Thursday for the final figures but the Department of already being anticipated that the billion is exceeded for the entire evening.

Last year, the number of messages had increased to 1.4 billion against 1.1 billion in 2012. But the number of SMS stagnated, growing competition from sending MMS, which multiply thanks to the widespread use of smartphones.

This year, the trend should be the same, provided the department.


Christmas, MMS increased. On the SFR network, for example, 12 million of these multimedia messages were sent between 24 and 25 December, an increase of 50% over one year.

many users like to send greetings via video ,” said Pierre-Alain Deutsch, Executive Director for Networks SFR.

twittons us, we do not textons

However, at social networks or instant messaging BlackBerry or iPhone, SMS is not only the realm of virtual cards.

some even it has aged well. “ Happy New Year to all and best wishes. Twittons Tonight, we did not textons “, “ You have received many SMS :-) old fashion. Happy New Year to all twittos “could be read on Twitter at midnight.

electronic greeting cards are not left out either.

We expect 15 to 16 million of greeting cards made for this year, 5 million programmed were sent to midnight “, told AFP Rafik Smati, CEO of Site market leader.

This is less than the 18 million cards last year. But this decline is to qualify with the explosion of printed circuit boards: the site is expected to four times more orders than last year, to 300,000 cards


past two years, offers users to make their card online. The site then takes care of printing and delivery by mail.

French rediscovered the use of paper card through e-cards “, according to Rafik Smati.

Side trends, established this year with premium involved: the cards in favor of the environment and solidarity in favor of the French Red Cross or Gregory Lemarchal, a dead singer CF Association in 2007, are among most sent, says the site.

Last year, many cards are declined around lucky with the number 13.


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