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CES 2014: Stratus, joystick iOS by Steelseries - Clubic

Published January 7, 2014 by Alexandre Laurent in the categories Video Game and CES 2014

div Steelseries launch during March joystick dedicated to the game on the iPhone and iPad. Compact, the Stratus has controls similar to those of a joystick console.

iOS 7, Apple opens up new possibilities in terms of accessories dedicated to the game, and one of the first Steelseries to have chosen to exploit this. At CES, the company did so this week demonstrate the Stratus, the first dedicated controller to play on Apple mobile device. Due to the size of the handle, the iPad seems all found the target of this new product, available from March.

 Steelseries Stratus, joystick iOS

Stratus shows the fundamentals of a traditional game controller, two analogue sticks, four buttons on the cross, and two sets of buttons on the front (L and R). It is much more compact than a console or PC controller, however, with about twelve inches wide.

Improve grip and easy transport, SteelSeries has created a small transparent hood that takes the shape of the handle . In the game, it is fixed to the back cover, thus increasing the volume of the apparatus. Once the session finished game, just fix it over the sticks and buttons to protect them.

 Steelseries Stratus, joystick iOS

SteelSeries evokes pressure sensitive buttons and autonomy in game about ten o’clock, knowing that the controller communicates via Bluetooth (2.1) with the iOS device. Quickly tested on the ESC, the grip appears to be very intuitive and provides a real benefit on a game like GTA Vice City, where there are movements and camera control on both analog sticks.

This stage, it should be noted that the Stratus is exclusive to iOS: it will not be possible to use it on a PC or other mobile device. However, its price may deter many, since preorders are now open at 99.99 euros each.

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