Sunday, January 19, 2014

Chromoting: when the iPhone controls the Mac with Google - MacNN

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Google is not about to drop the iPhone users. Strained relations with Apple, the Maps case, war communiqués do not change insurmountable realities. Google still has as much need of the installed base of iOS users, very provider of services

It is probably in this context of “realpolitik” understood that Google engineers have specified on the Chromium website work on the design of an application for remote control of the Mac via an iPhone or iPad . The intended application would be free to be still quite far from a final output and no precise information is bring some material to this ad. By being a little bad language (but just a little), we wonder if the real purpose of Chromoting is not used the Apple user terminology “Chrome” Google seeks to promote its other flagship OS. It is not difficult to imagine a function to the “Chromoting” encapsulated tomorrow Chrome OS and used again to remotely control another workstation or to the multi-OS management, although it remains today ‘hui mere suppositions.

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