Friday, January 3, 2014

Google Glass: 2014 is shredded by Robert Scoble -

American blogger Robert Scoble in charge of relations with the start-up Rackspace believes that it will take time for Google Glass become a real popular success. For 2014, it is grated, he believes in a contribution of 31 December on its Google Plus page.

Known for his shots chips on the Web (it is often found to LeWeb sessions organized by Loïc Le Meur), Robert Scoble believes it will make several adjustments with Google Glass. In terms of price, you have to go below $ 300 and this perspective “mainstrean” would occur at 2016, says this expert Net.

For the moment, only a thousand fortunate enough to have paid a dear price (expect $ 1,500 to have a pair preview) explored its potential. It will also make efforts also on open API, even rickety ecosystem, battery (count 45 minutes in case of intensive use of the video) and the design of the glasses of the future of Google. In addition, Google plans to focus on targeted markets like the United States. Europe is not in the short-term radar.

However, Robert Scoble continues to strap on Google Glass and he will at the next session of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to be held next week. But he must avoid casinos that prohibit the wearing of such far too intrusive because of its features and camera glasses video …

Meanwhile, Google gradually opened Google Glass door to the general public and even other OS environment (development of an iPhone application). Premium users Google Play Music All Access can receive since January 1 VIP invitation to join the Glass Explorer program (but the entry ticket has not changed: $ 1,500). Catalog options also gradually enriched. Thus, holders of Google Glass may have glasses manufactured by the American Optical Company Rochester. Preorders should start after holding the ESC. Prices should start from 99 dollars.

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