Saturday, January 4, 2014

A major advance in the knowledge of dogs by ... - MetroNews

dogs have a smell and far superior to those of human hearing is known, we discover, or at least it was a draft scientific confirmation of the fact that they also have a magnetic compass . To get there, we had to observe how they do their business …

Pee-poo north-south

pigeons and other animals, a team of German and Czech scientists attempted to highlight the sensitivity of canines in Earth’s magnetic field that would allow them to orient themselves in space at least for a given task. The attack angle of these scientists may surprise, but it paid off: whether for small or large commission for the dogs always align on a north-south axis


Although the study included only 70 specimens, but the Yorkshire Saint-Bernard, the 7,000 results collected are formal, to drain, “dogs stop along a north- south, but only if the magnetic field is stable. ” This is all the more significant “when they defecate when they urinate” very seriously stressed Sabine Begall of the University of Duisburg-Esse.

As the dog piss, cow grazes

Beyond the dirty work and without sufficient to say anything, these observations suggest that dogs have some sort of internal compass. In doing so, it would explain by what miracle valiant fours lost away from home sometimes traveling hundreds of miles to find their master or rather their house.

study should probably be generalized and can be extended to other species. Moreover, already in 2008, on the satellites from Google Earth, the same team of researchers image database had highlighted the tendency of cattle to graze and lie on a north-south axis.

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