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Engineer, surgeon, journalist: they want to go to Mars - France Info


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We found some of the 21 shortlisted candidates for a French way to the red planet in 2025, as part of the program launched by the Mars One Foundation. They are more than a thousand in the race and, among them, an engineer, a designer, a surgeon and … a columnist France Inter.

Sixteen men, five women. This is all that remains of the French contingent in the screening conducted by the Foundation in March One in order to set up a colony on Mars in 2025.

France Info you talked about recently, they were 200,000 by March One to be applied, they are no more than 1,058, including 24 French. Among them, a surgeon of 35 years, Ludovic a graphic designer, Jacques equestrian acrobat, an aeronautical engineer Claude and Florence Porcel, columnist “La tête au carré” France Inter . “It is a choice obvious life because there will not return and that . So she says, every step I give or not choice to stop … Here, for the moment, I am motivated!

They want a one-way to Mars, the story of Mary Chaffard



On his selection, Claude, aeronautical engineer, remains skeptical: “ I confess that I did not believe it too I must be one of the people surprised ..” His motivation? “ It was not so much to Mars, it was mostly because I am interested in space exploration, which is a bit down in recent years .” He added: “ I’ll be retired in 2025, although it would occupy my retirement!

If you have a bunch of mindless bimbos …

In any case, it is already a great achievement to be among the 1,058. One especially if Mars actually received 200,000 applications. Bas Lansdorp, co-founder of Mars One, explains its selection criteria: “ What we seek most is people who can work in a team This is the criterion. important. “

It will also display a good physical and mental shape. Shortlisted can also be expected in the days or weeks to more extensive questionnaires on their profile.

Claude, aerospace engineer “ For me, there are two possible pitfalls (which could derail the project in March One, ed) funding, which is far. be won, even if they have innovative ideas (March One particular wants to film the adventure and sell it as a reality show, ed.) And the second possible pitfall is the selected profiles Anyway, we shall see soon. if you have a band mindless bimbos … should not be the next ‘reality’ takes top too Message transmitted. Bas Lansdorp .

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