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Agriculture in Upper Normandy is betting news … – info Francetv


Navigation Satellite analysis of plots through aerial shot by a drone last beet harvester to cry … so many technologies that are transforming the farming profession.

  • By Emmanuelle Partouche
  • Published 09/22/2014 | 11:13, updated on 23/09/2014 | 2:44 p.m.

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Leap into the Future

The series of writing France 3 Normandy takes us this week in the world of advanced technologies used in agriculture Robotic automation, guidance sattellite and even drones. tools are many and improve conditions and productivity. But they also change profoundly the approach to the business. And behind this one question: What will the farming profession in the years to come

a story in 5 episodes of François and Bruno Pesquet Belamri
(sound?: Philippe Taddéi, installation: Christophe Charbonnier)
A soap opera TV on France 3 Normandy Monday to Friday on the news at noon and 19h. On Internet videos available on this page (a new episode every morning)

Episode 2/5

There are long satellites help farmers. But the tools are becoming more efficient and optimize yields. Julien Hébert, farmer uses satellite guidance for five years to work their plots. In his tractor, several computers are shipped, powered by advanced software.
These tools of high technology despite the cost, quickly pays off and allow it to significant productivity gains.

Episode 1/5

Where we discover how a group of farmers near Bénarville revolutionized the beet harvest by buying in common “integral harvester” . A machine that costs nearly € 450,000 but saves time and reduces manpower requirements especially when harvesting is done at night. With interviews:

  • Benedict Geulin , farmer, president of the CUMA Progress
  • Julien Rigaudeau driver – mechanic

The beet harvester integral: saves time and money


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