Monday, September 8, 2014

Banks: the sector must focus more on new … –

Banks: the sector must focus more on new technologies

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Geneva (AWP / ats) – Swiss banks should focus more on new technologies for their future, according to the patron of the Swiss subsidiary of Saxo Bank. Developing management platforms or online trading, they can even take advantage of the changes that the banking sector is facing.

The majority of the money managed in Switzerland owned by foreigners, who come longer to hide their money, but to take advantage of expertise and stability of the country, reports Soren Mose in an interview published by “Le Matin Dimanche”. “With one click, customers worldwide have access to Swiss services”

The demand is real, according to the Danish 49 years. Clientele wants always have access to his money and monitor. And it will inevitably strengthen as customers of tomorrow, born with the Internet and smartphones, consider these tools for granted.

By leveraging technology, the Swiss banks ensure a bright future. “The number of banking institutions may well decline, they increase in size. There is always an influx of money in Switzerland,” says Soren Mose. “The industry will even continue to grow,” the head of Saxo Bank, which already has its trading platform and make it available to other institutions.

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