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A lens that can measure glucose levels in tears is being developed. It could make life easier for diabetics


Researchers continue to develop new tools in the health. Developments particularly useful for chronic diseases such as diabetes.

Today, it has become very easy to save a lot of data on their health, as the distance walked daily his power or the quality of their sleep. New technologies are constantly developing. They are always accessible and always take up more space in our society.

Chronic Diseases

In the field of chronic disease, these new findings could change the quality of life of patients. This is especially true for diabetics. For people interested, existing tools already allow to simplify the management of the disease. A glucose sensor, for example, continuously measures the sugar present in the blood. Other tools are still under consideration as the artificial pancreas. This is an onboard computer that measures blood sugar levels and injects insulin at the right time. Contact lenses can also measure blood glucose in tears.


These instruments can reassure some patients. They have a global vision round the clock to changes in their blood sugar. While other patients become more anxious from seeing all those numbers. Everyone chooses according to its affinity with these technological tools.

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