Wednesday, September 24, 2014

New technology. Photonics Park, a major project for … – West France

Photonics Park project is not a creation ex nihilo. It is the continuity of PerfOS platform which is a center specializing in specialty optical fibers. Photonics Park would expand its research and development activity to components used with these fibers, such as lasers and sensors.

“The goal is to reach a critical size allows us to operate as the German Fraunhofer. These technology centers are funded for one-third of industrial, another third by public funds (regional editor’s note), another third by national technological projects, European. The money for these projects, it is also the public “ money, says David Mechin cluster Photonic Britain.

Photonics, what is

It is the use of light in high-tech components.

The laser cuts, fiber optics for telecommunications … photonics is already used.

With fiber, we get to create sensors accuracy. Indeed, if the light is passed through an optical fiber, it is spread differently depending on the environment outside the fiber. By analyzing the received light, one can determine the nature of the medium in which the fiber passes. A usage example: looking for some molecules in food samples



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