Monday, September 1, 2014

School: new technologies at the forefront – Echo Republican


Each did what he could, as he saw fit, with what he had.


That is, until now, how to work the schools to provide instruction in digital and new technologies. But this year, things will be different, because the school is now registered digital black and white in the text.






Of course, in Eure-et-Loir, the majority of institutions are properly equipped rather IT tools through numerous investments from city councils and the General Council. “More than in many departments, says an academic advisor. Before, it was not recorded in official documents. Today, the strategy to bring the school into the digital age is one of the major elements of the law of rebuilding the school of the Republic. “

On will visit a museum on the Net

In other words, it is not to train in computer and digital children during specific courses, but simply that the usual course use various digital tools made available by the Ministry of Education for a number of content. Chalk and blackboards will be further disadvantaged for interactive whiteboards, for example.


“All materials will use the new resources,” continues the same tutor. History and geography, one can, for example, museums online, using animated maps. The skills acquired will continue to be validated by the B2I (Computer Patent and Internet), a certificate issued by schools to students at the end of elementary, middle and high school, their skills with new technologies. A number of institutions had previously passed on that fitness test, yet mandatory.


Francis Feuilleux


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